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Underlayment plywoodUnderlayment plywoodUnderlayment plywood

Underlayment plywood

  • Product Item : commercial plywood-Underlayment plywood
  • Category: Commercial plywood
  • Product description:Commercial plywood could be your goods with cheap price and good quality. Underlayment plywood is one kind of commercial plywoods,used in packaging and decoration.
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Underlayment plywood  for sale


Professional workers and many years' experience in manufacturing plywood;

Excellent hot press machine production lines which are of great efficiency;

Eco-friendly material and glue;

Customized requirements are available.

More Detailed Descriptions:

Underlayment plywood for engineered flooring is plywood made specifically for flooring.
This special plywood is used for production of Engineered Flooring.
Underlayment plywood is the foundation of this flooring.
Special features of this plywood are:
Very high water resistance. We supply this plywood as WBP (Water Boiled Proof).
Strength and stability of geometry of this plywood deriving from using  Russian birch veneer or Bintangor veneer(red hardwood).
Special thickness calibration. This feature is important in technology of gluing top layer on this plywood. We supply this plywood with thickness tolerance +/- 0,2 mm. With this thickness tolerance gluing process is smooth and provides equal pressure, needed for high quality engineered flooring.
Sizes available:
1220*2440 mm,1525*3050 mm,1525*1525 mm,1220*1220mm
Cut to size is also an option
Thickness from 6 up to 18 mm
Underlayment is usually supplied with grades CP/CP and CP/C.
Higher grades are also available.

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