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Why film face plywood is for outdoor use

      Because of its increased stability and resistance to moisture, ultraviolet radiation and corrosive chemicals, film-faced plywood is ideal for outdoor applications such as the external surfaces of new buildings. The extra film layer and acrylic varnished edges of this type of plywood make it more durable and less able to distort when used outdoors in harsh weather and adverse conditions. Buildings in direct sunlight are less prone to wear and tear if they are made from film-faced plywood, at least as part of the overall structure.

      An interesting application of film-faced plywood is during the construction and maintenance of dams. The plywood is useful for forming level molding boards and girder molding boards, which need to be resistant to strong forces, large amounts of fast-flowing water and yet still maintain their structural integrity and shape. There is a choice of thicknesses available, depending on requirements, from 12mm, 15mm and 18mm to 21mm, 24mm and 27mm. Some examples can reach 30mm.

      Our factory produced the film face plywood is a premium quality plywood made of selected wood species based on density,bending strength impact resistance and surface finish characteristics. Manufactured with an the first grade surface on both sides as per international standard,without core gaps and permanent waterproof glue, shuttering plywood products available from us are guaranteed to be of hight quality in the world.

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