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What is CFCC ® certified?

China Forest Certification System

       Internationally, the polarization of the forest certification system represented by FSC and PEFC has formed. That is, the FSC system backed by environmental NGOs and the PEFC system based on industrial groups have formed a clear confrontational relationship. FSC is supported by the buyer group and the global forest and trade network, and has a relatively reliable market foundation. PEFC was initiated by European private forest owners and has the largest certified forest product market in the world-the European market. These two systems have also developed a promotion plan to strengthen their influence in the field of global forest certification.

       China's forest resources play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of the global economy, ecology and society, biodiversity protection, and curbing the deteriorating global environment. China fully affirms the role of forest certification in promoting sustainable forest management, improving forest management levels, promoting international market access for forest products, and maintaining and expanding the international market share of forest products. In the 1990s, China began the research and exploration of forest certification, and actively developed China's forest certification system based on its national conditions and forest conditions. In 2001, the construction of the national forest certification system was started. In 2007, the country promulgated the forest management certification standards and the production and marketing chain of custody certification standards. In 2010, China's forest certification system was established and started to operate. On February 5, 2014, the China Forest Certification System (CFCC) and the Forest Certification System Recognition Program (PEFC) have achieved mutual recognition of systems. This shows that the certification standards and operating rules of China's forest certification system have been recognized by PEFC, and at the same time, they have been recognized by nearly 40 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Products bearing the CFCC logo have obtained the "green pass" to enter the international market. According to mutual recognition requirements, products that have passed China's forest certification should carry both the CFCC logo and the PEFC logo, indicating that their raw materials are derived from sustainable forests.
       Source:China Forest Certification System
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