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OSB is what ?

      Directional particieboard OSB (Oriented Strand Board), also known as the Matsuyama. Was 100% by logs, the logs were peeled and sliced, according to the wood grain direction the logs was peeled and sliced processing to 40 mm to 120 mm, 5 mm to 20 mm wide, 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm thick wood, high-temperature drying, screening after join high-performance adhesive and waterproof agent, according to the hierarchical oriented warp/weft direction, made it under high temperature and high pressure.

      The material comes from the Europe, currently in Europe and the United States , Japan and China develop fast. OSB in recent years also makes in the field of  home outfit, and some companies take the lead to start producing OSB board type furniture, lead the green trend. OSB materials used in furniture design has a unique advantage. It has excellent mechanical processing performance, strong stability, holding nail force is high, can be used as a stress component. And because the use of its special adhesives, achieve zero formaldehyde release, green, pollution-free.

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