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  • Product description:Azobe lumber from Cameroon with good quality are used for furniture flooring , and musical instruments. It could be made for plywood ,veneer and decorative materials ,ect.
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The timber also has better electrical properties than other wood making it possible

to use it in poles for electric fences without separate isolators.

Origin Cameroon
Availability Square edged boards air dried /Kiln dried
Colour The bark is typically red-brown in colour, up to two cm thick, and has a bright yellow layer underneath. White deposits in the pores.
Durability Durable
Density >1000 kg/m3
Movement in Service Medium
Machining Medium
Thicknesses 2 to 4 cm
Specification Width 150 to 400 mm; Length 2400 to 5000 mm
Basic Price Level Moderate-High: Contact for pricing
1.Hydraulic works (fresh water)2.bridges (parts in contact with water or ground) 3.Vehicle or container flooring4.Heavy carpentry, wood frame house, poles, resistant to one or several acids, sleepers, industrial or heavy flooring 5.Stairs (inside), bridges (parts not in contact with water) 6.Cooperage, stakes, hydraulic works (seawater)


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