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  • Product description:Movingui lumber from Cameroon with good quality are used for furniture flooring , and musical instruments. It could be made for plywood ,veneer and decorative materials ,ect.
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The machining of Movingui can be done easily. Pre-drilling is recommended.

The gluing and properties are good, but the finishing requires additional measures

(e.g. filling of the pores). It dries moderately slowly, sometimes with risks of

cracking and deformation.

Origin Cameroon
Availability Square edged boards air dried /Kiln dried
Colour Yellow
Durability Moderately Durable
Density 720 kg/m3
Movement in Service Medium
Machining Medium
Thicknesses 3 to 8 cm
Specification Width 150 to 400 mm; Length 2400 to 5000 mm
Basic Price Level Moderate-High: Contact for pricing
1.Slice veneer, current furniture or furniture components 2.Interior joinery, veneer for interior of plywood, flooring 3.Ship building (planking and deck) 4.Cabinetwork (high class furniture) 5.Veneer for back or face of plywood 6.Stairs (inside), light carpentry


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