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  • Product description:Dabema lumber from Cameroon with good quality are used for furniture flooring , and musical instruments. It could be made for plywood ,veneer and decorative materials ,ect.
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Dabema is easily well-steamed, making is useful for processing as plywood.

Boards should be treated with undiluted oxalic acid, since a strong ammonia

smell emanates from this wood.

Origin Cameroon
Availability Square edged boards air dried /Kiln dried
Colour Light brown to golden brown
Durability Moderately Durable
Density 720 kg/m3
Movement in Service Medium
Machining Medium
Thicknesses 5 to 15 cm
Specification Width 150 to 400 mm; Length 2400 to 5000 mm
Basic Price Level Moderate-High: Contact for pricing
Dabema is used for truck and wagon flooring and for structural applications as a substitute for Oak. It is strongly advised to use only thick dimensions, since small dimensions are not stable. After careful drying, it can be used for quarter sawn flooring elements.


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